The project “TEMART – Technologies and materials for artistic manufacturing, Cultural Heritage, furniture, architectural and urban decor and the design of the future” has developed to improve the products of the sectors mentioned (functionality and aesthetics) available to them in the different technologies that are present present in the RIR.

Only by way of example will it be possible to intervene:
– on internal metal sheet furniture components, to make them without welding using laser forming and ablation technologies;
– on lighting products, to improve resistance to high temperatures thanks to additive and laser technologies;
– on lamps that “dialogue” with the environment;
– and many other products that will be analyzed starting from about forty industrial cases.

New material modifications will be studied with various technologies:
​- subtractive technologies (innovative processes for chip removal, micro-machining, laser ablation and texturing processes, super-finishing processes, …);
– innovative technologies (MIM, molding and overmoulding, dieless technologies, …);
– production of additives;
– surface treatments and coatings;
– for the realization of products / processing on a macro, micro and nano scale.

Finally, we will study the different models of preventive evaluation of processing costs.

To achieve these objectives, the M3 NET consortium proposed a broad partnership, of which it will be the leader, consisting of:

 companies of the M3 NET Innovative Network (DELKA srl, DFF srl, ECOR INTERNATIONAL Spa, ENGINSOFT Spa, METAL FINISH srl, MATERIALS WORKSHOP sas, PRISMATECH srl, PRS srl, PFActor srl, VAR CONNECT srl);
– companies of the Euteknos Innovative Network (MORELLO GIANLUCA srl, STUDIO 4 srl, FRANCESCON srl, COOPSERVICES SOC. COOP);
– companies of the Innovative Venetian Network Smart Lighting (KAZAN srl, ENGI srl);
– companies of the Innovative Cluster Network for Venetian innovation for cultural and environmental assets (VENETIAN HERITAGE CLUSTER srl);

– and four important Veneto universities: · University of Padua (Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Dept. of Cultural Heritage);
· University of Verona (Dept. of Informatics and Dept. of Biotechnology);
· University of Venice – Ca ‘Foscari (Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics and Dept. of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems);
​· University of Venice – IUAV: (Dept. of Design and Manufacturing in Complex Environments).

For information contact Alessandra Merlante: – Tel.0425.202227 – Fax 0425.29084